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Western Vocal Class

Western Vocal

    Creating a world class environment for students to develop & nurture their work skills and become a protégé in their craft. With certified, quality trainers Learn Music would be your one class destination for online guitar classes. We provide widest range of fingering techniques, learning notes and necessary materials to support skill development & appear for Trinity exams. 

    Why Join Learn Musiq?

    1. Join a community of learners that motivate and push you to challenge your limits

    2. Be a part of Musical Mastermind and get a far & wide exposure. 

    3. Attend events and be a part of virtual/in-person competitions conducted globally

    4. Be featured in our social media platforms and publications thereby increasing discoverability

    5. Mentorship & exclusive counselling by our founder, Roshan Sethuraman – Music producer, composer and director

All our courses are streamlined in a hierarchical structure. With Focus in practical learning and theoretical understanding, trainings are structured with an extensive work plan. Students trained to master theory and practical tests and be prepared to face the Trinity board.  Learning Notes and Various course specific assets would be provided to students depending on their level of training

Syllabus structure follows linear progression wherein the student would first be evaluated to understand their state of art and then designated with corresponding tutor for advancement. Students go through a process of learning – assessment – performance cycle to assure best accountability. Students will be taught to sing any songs of their interest ranging from English songs, Pop, etc

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