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Once you decide what skillset you wanted to enrol in, you select the course and further connect with us, either through whatsapp or through missed call. Our executive would call, and take up your enquiry to know your skill level and further assign you with the tutor. You can then take up the demo session to confirm the tutor.

You can choose a course and place your demand. We will address the need and assign you with a tutor in your regional language [Applicable within Indian Languages]

We offer both levels of trainings. A student can take up classes for 6 months to determine his true calling and then upskill accordingly

Yes, you will be trained to attend trinity western exams

The time taken to clear the exam totally depends on the efficiency of students and their dedication in the said subject. However on an average, you can appear for initial grade within 12 to 18 months and from student can continue. It usually takes 6 to 8 years to complete the cycle

During the classes, you will be having a chat option where you can either leave text, voice or video msgs to your tutors. Outside the class hours, you can approach our admin and we will redirect you to the tutor.

a.Classes happen independently, combined classes[team of 2] and group classes [for specific courses].
b.Vocal classes and dance classes happen in groups and rest of the art forms happen in individual classes or teams of two.

Student will be able to choose the time slot they wanted to attend classes in. The nominal timings are 60 minutes for group classes and 45 to 50 mins for individual and combined classes.

On your course of study, you can reschedule 2 classes with valid reasons. The classes shouldn’t be more than 2 weeks apart to ensure consistency in learning.

Students would be a part of whatsapp broadcast during the subscription period. This broadcast would have access to recorded session, student performance updates, information about events and performances across the social media and opportunities coming up ahead.

All training sessions would be recorded for quality assurance purpose.

Anyone above the age of 6 can start learning. Students should not share security data, address fee details, contact number.

Tutors would be sharing reference materials as pdf which can be printed by student. Online study material references will also be given. Students can purchase books if needed that’s recommended by trainers.

After payment the student would be given an login id and password through which they can directly join through the Learn Musiq dashboard.

a.Indian students can pay through: UPI, QR Code, Netbanking
b.Students outside India must pay through Netbanking
c.Tutors will be paid via UPI, Netbanking

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